gewology landscape dynamics and land-use of the southern niagara escarpment: Landplanning of a U.N.biosphere preserve

Simon J. Haynes


Although a U.N. Biosphere Preserve and famous for the magestlc Niagara Falls, the southern Niagara Escarpment is a cuesta landscape where landplannlng must balance the competlng needs of industry, urbanization, agriculture, tourism, outdoor recreatlon, and nature conservation. To support construction of these major transportation and power geoengineering projects, and industrial/urban development, both the Escarpment dolostone (historically used for hydraulic cernent and building stone; now, crushed-stone aggregate) and Quaternary kame deposits (sand and gravel) have experienced major  corrent reserves will be deploted shortly. Three of the abandoned dolostone quarries are now municipal landfills; one of whi9ch has leakage problems. Outslde the urban centre, recent rural land­use of the southern Niagara Escarpment has changed significantly to take advantage of the unique physical geology;from forest and tender-fruit agriculture, to extensive areas of vinifera vineyards and smaller areas of conservation and parks. this had lead to increased human use of the Biosphere.

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